Monday 14 October 2013

Budget cuts - an invitation

Carmarthenshire County Council will be holding a seminar at the Ffwrnes Theatre in Llanelli on 21 October to consider some 40 different options for slashing spending over the next three years.

According to the blurb, the event will enable those taking part to:
  • Discover more about the Council's current financial position;
  • Consider proposed options for savings;
  • Contribute ideas and suggestions relevant to the budget; and
  • Be clear about the process that will be followed in arriving at the budget for 2014-15
Invitations have gone out to all 74 of the council's elected councillors, as well as selected representatives of the local media and some businesses.

That puts the councillors in their place, doesn't it?

In practice "local media" will mean primarily a couple of hacks from the James Journal and its stable mates, and their presence suggests that the main thrust of this event is a PR exercise to ensure that the papers are on message.

The manager of the council's press office will no doubt be on hand to make sure that they leave knowing what to say.

Who the selected businesses are is anyone's guess. Sainsbury's? The Scarlets? Representatives of third sector organisations such as Towy Community Church (a registered company, by the way)? Perhaps someone from R&A Properties from nearby Llangennech, whose owners are "known to the council's officers". R&A's clients include Cassidian (drones and armoured vehicles).

Somehow it seems unlikely that invitations will have gone out to Unison and other stakeholders who might ask awkward questions.

Invitations to other representatives of the local media, such as the bloggers, have not yet arrived.

Perhaps Unison and other uninvited but interested parties may wish to go along anyway. Registration begins at 9.15.


Anonymous said...

I understand that in Swansea Council the public have been invited to make suggestion as to how they feel money could be saved.

Anonymous said...

The question is ... are Unison, CCC employees and the general public aware of this seminar? If they are then despite the lack of invitation, I am pretty sure they would be outside Ffwrnes Theatre protesting.

Anonymous said...

They could save lots of money by getting rid of the public relations / press department. What about getting rid of the expensive Volkswagen 4x4s?

Cneifiwr said...

Anon @16.13 I am sure Kevin, Pam and Meryl would be very pleased to be greeted by cheering crowds outside Ffwrnes Theatre.

Anonymous said...

Why cant all the public go they should have meetings all over Carmarthenshire not just in Llanelli we all pay the rates not just Llanelli

Anonymous said...

who is paying the travelling cost for them , more cost again they should hold it after half day council meeting and save money

Anonymous said...

I don't know about cheering crowds Cneifiwr but they might be met with jeering crowds! I have it on good authority that Unison will be outside protesting.