Sunday 20 November 2011

Towy Community Church in the news

Thanks to Caebrwyn's tireless combing of the press, Cneifiwr can report that Wales on Sunday has picked up on Towy Community Church's links to Mercy Ministries. The article can be found here.

WoS has done a bit of its own digging, although it is very wide of the mark in its claim that the church has received council grants of just £55,000. The total value of council funding given so far is well over £1 million.

Unsurprisingly, the county council's award winning PR department appears to have taken Trappist vows of silence, although I was informed by a reliable source that someone in County Hall was searching blogs using the term "mercy missionaries" (sic) a few days ago.

They can't even get that right.

At the most recent meeting of the full council, chief executive Mark James rounded on critics who had questioned why the council "does regeneration". They may do regeneration, but it seems they don't do due diligence.

If and when the press get round to it, they may also like to ask him how the decision to buy the Johnstown creamery, now earmarked to house the bowling alley, was made and why a few years later the decision to pay this evangelical church a huge sum of money to take it off the council's hands came to be described by the council's award-winning PR department as evidence of sound financial management.


Anonymous said...

If Regeneration is what they do in Upper Brynamman then forget it.
There is certainly not any due diligence up here.

Anonymous said...

CCC officers buying a stairway to heaven? With our (the council taxpayers') flippin' money?