Tuesday 11 October 2011

Modernising Local Government the Pam Palmer Way - Updated

Councillor Pam Palmer, member of Carmarthenshire's Executive Board responsible for a vast ragbag of portfolios ranging from food hygiene to sustainable development and strategy, youth services and modernising local government, has taken to Twitter to mark "Democracy Week", currently also being celebrated in North Korea.

The aim of Democracy Week is to encourage more young people (for most Carmarthenshire county councillors that means anyone under the age of 60) to vote. To celebrate the event this year, Carmarthenshire has decided to push the boat out and has arranged an exciting programme of events, namely:
  • To create a bilingual microblog for Councillor Palmer to tell us about her hectic schedule of hospital visits and meetings.
  • To run a competition for the yoof to design a poster encouraging people to vote.
  • Err, that's it.
Could this be the same Councillor Palmer whose complaint about being filmed in the council chamber led to the arrest of Jacqui Thompson? You know, the one who earns around £30,000 per year in allowances? The one who compared elected councillors to children needing protection from predatory old men in raincoats with cameras?

It seems that it is one and the same. In her microblog, which some cynics believe may have been written by the council's PR department, she's a busy old bird. Meetings here and there to discuss energy, the Welsh language and other important stuff. Royal visits to hospitals - just like the Queen Mum, God Bless Her. Off to the canteen for a quick sandwich. Don't forget to mention "our boys" (in Wales this means the rugby team) - before you leap into the black limo and head off for Ammanford.

Update: Rather oddly for someone who appears to be able to write flawless if rather stiff and constipated Welsh, Cllr Palmer had to resort to using the headphones at today's Council meeting whenever someone spoke Welsh. How peculiar.

No wonder she has not had any time to answer any of the questions the public has asked her on Twitter, and what a pity all of those oafs had to spoil the occasion by being so impertinent.

Carmarthen 212?  I wish to make a tweet, young man
This is an experiment unlikely to be repeated because of all those nasty, ill-informed questions, so you've only got yourselves to blame.


Anonymous said...

HAAAAAA Ha Ha HA! Excellent! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...


The lady appears to have her head up
commodious derriere.

Anonymous said...

The lady appears to have her head up her commodious derriere.