Tuesday 21 January 2014

Wales Blog Awards

The Wales Blog Awards are back after a year off, and you can nominate your favourite blog or blogs in different categories from now until 28 February.

Jacqui Thompson had a truly terrible year for a variety of reasons in 2013, and the outcome of the libel case was devastating for her and has worrying implications for free speech and press freedom in this country, as Kevin Madge reminded us recently when he said, "Nobody has the right to say what they like about this council, its officers and members". Welcoming the verdict last year, the council's chief executive said this was an important victory for councils everywhere.

The nightmare is not over by a long way, and she and her family face a very uncertain future regardless of the outcome of her appeal.

But it is not out of sympathy that I am asking readers to nominate her blog, but because she has refused to be silenced and bullied into quiet submission. The odds have always been stacked against her, but throughout she has remained quietly dignified and determined, and her blog remains a superbly well researched and knowledgeable read for anyone who is interested in our county council.

I sincerely hope that Jacqui wins the award for best political blog partly as a gesture of solidarity, but also because a win for Jacqui will be a two finger salute to the bully boys.

The nomination form can be found here.

Please take a few moments to enter carmarthenplanning.blogspot.co.uk


Lesley said...

Done - with pleasure.

Jane said...

Done with pleasure also

Sliverback said...

Done cheers