Wednesday 15 April 2015

A dead donkey

Some older readers will remember Drop the Dead Donkey, a satirical series about a TV news channel. In one episode the bosses decide to go after a vicar who has upset them for some reason or other. It went something like this....

A reporter is instructed to find dirt on the reverend, and the poor man is tailed. Unfortunately, he leads an entirely blameless life.

"What did he do yesterday?" the editor asks.

"Well, he went shopping. He bought some bread, some fruit and veg and four lamb chops at the butcher's."

"Four lamb chops? Assuming that he buys four lamb chops a week every week over a period of, say, 20 years, that's over a thousand lambs. We've got him! Vicar in sheep massacre!"

Any lingering doubts about what the Cambrian News is up to with its coverage of the election in Ceredigion have been dispelled by this week's front page.

A week ago it was Plaid candidate says incomers are 'Nazis'. He had said no such thing, of course, but as the paper knows, quite a few readers will have glanced at the headline, tutted in disgust and moved on without reading the rest of the story. I met one of them yesterday.

The Labour candidate, Huw Thomas, and several Labour bigwigs were very quick to seize on the headline and call for Mike Parker to be sacked.

A day or so later it emerged that Huw Thomas had suggested throwing Tippex on cars displaying the English flag, made disparaging comments about 'chavs' and women who work in shops, and a good deal more when contributing to an online forum a few years ago.

The story was the lead on that evening's BBC Wales news, just as Mike had found himself in the headlines earlier.

The Huw Thomas story was too late for that week's Cambrian News, and so we have had to wait to find out how the paper would cover the revelations about the Labour candidate. Here's how: