Saturday 4 February 2012

Fever Pitch

All across Wales excitement is mounting ahead of one of the biggest dates in the Welsh calendar. Prayers are being said in places of worship, and the pubs are preparing for one of the busiest nights of the year. There is even talk of impromptu street parties to celebrate what will undoubtedly be a very close run thing.

Yes, Meryl Gravell is facing a vote of no confidence at the next meeting of Carmarthenshire County Council.


Jac o' the North, said...

As a man in the know, how are things lining up?

Cneifiwr said...

Very flattering Jac!

On paper she should squeak home, but there are lots of moving parts this time.

What most people at home don't know is that in an average month getting on for a fifth of the councillors fail to make it to the meeting of the full council, despite receiving handsome allowances. It will be interesting to note who has more pressing business this time.

Anonymous said...

heck. and knowing people's luck, the ones that are off may have been the ones to give here a shunt. then again, it could go the other way, the ones that are off may have been the ones to have voted for her, and if 10 are off on wednesday, meryl get defetead by 9 lol (anon2)